Tax Services

Tax Planning

Tax is such a vital part of any organization's long range planning that its strategy must be innovative and at the forefront of each new venture. To meet business goals and aspirations, tax planning is a key part of our tax division. Our main goal is to help clients retain more of their income "after tax". When working with you, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that all tax reduction options are taken. Our team of CPA's at Picker & Associates are constantly abreast of new tax rulings and changes. Our innovative planning and consulting techniques offer valuable solutions. With substantial tax changes for 2013 and 2014, we can be of significant help on reducing your tax burdens.

Principal Services - Planning and Preparation

  • Federal Tax
  • State and Local Tax
  • Estate and Gift Tax

How You Benefit

We invest heavily in research and development of our staff in order to deliver creative tax results and planning opportunities that fit your company. We work one-on-one with you to develop and implement overall tax strategies to minimize tax expenses.

Tax Compliance & Preparation

Service Overview

Picker and Associates' tax compliance services are linked with our tax planning expertise. Compliance is the risk-assessment phase, where we identify potential problems and opportunities; planning is the resolution phase, where we implement solutions. Together, tax compliance and planning are integrated to provide a way to minimize tax liability and manage risk associated with the preparation of required tax returns.

What We Do

Maximize profitability and personal wealth by controlling the tax impact on decisions and investments by businesses and individuals.

Our tax specialists are uniquely qualified to assist you with all necessary compliance procedures. Our services go far beyond tax return preparation to encompass compliance risks that are easy to overlook.

Principal Services

  • Annual and quarterly tax compliance services
  • Federal and State Tax return preparation
  • Estate and Gift Tax return preparation
  • Client representation in Federal and State tax matters
  • Negotiate settlements with IRS

How You Benefit

  • Industry specialization - Our tax pros specialize in industries, so you will deal only with experts who have an intimate understanding of the issues facing your industry.
  • State and Local expertise - Our expertise extends to state and local taxation, giving you a single resource for all of your compliance needs.
  • Broad knowledge base - You will benefit from our hands on expertise working with your financial institutions and other professionals.
  • Competitive fees - Picker and Associates offers competitive fees due to our efficient and effective compliance and preparation services.