Litigation & Valuation Services

Accounting Services

Often, attorneys need independent expertise in financial areas to render a professional opinion. Picker & Associates provides independent and confidential services in investigation and documentation for the financial aspects of disputes. Our staff will provide the litigation support you require to improve your chances of a successful outcome. Our experts reinforce your legal findings with financial and economic data. It is important that accounting or auditing issues be presented clearly, persuasively, and accurately.

Forensic services include fraud and financial irregularity services. We assist clients in determining their fraud risk and implement effective ways in which they can reduce their exposure. We assist in developing fraud deterrence programs, including identifying control weaknesses and implementing new and strengthened controls.

For those circumstances involving matters which have occurred, our specially trained CPA's are there from investigation to settlement. Typically, forensic services involve, but are not limited to, embezzlement, business disputes, divorce, bankruptcy, and business valuations.

Business Valuation

When business valuations are needed, Picker & Associates can assist you in determining the best approach at arriving at a fair and reasonable business value. This valuation is based on substantial current and historical evaluations of financial statements, data, books and records, industry trends, comparable sales, the business environment, and risks associated with the particular business.