Financial Services

Financial Planning

You can count on us to help you grow

Developing a financial plan for a secure financial future can seem like stacking a house of cards, one wrong move and the pieces will tumble down. Our professionals assess your financial needs and assemble a plan to allow you to achieve your goals and to achieve financial security.

Estate Planning

Our firm will guide you through the steps to get your financial affairs in order. For businesses, we will assist with succession and business continuity planning. For personal estate planning, we will establish a plan to transfer your assets to your beneficiaries efficiently with minimal tax burdens. With the ever-changing estate tax laws, it is critical that estate planning is implemented. Effective estate & gift planning facilitates the transfer of assets. It can reduce or eliminate tax due.

Non-Profit Services

Reducing cost for non-for-profit organizations is an everyday battle. Budget pressures have never loomed larger. Non-for-profit leaders are having to reduce costs to address declining revenues. Non-for-profit organizations have to do more for less cost and with fewer resources.

With extensive experience in auditing, non-for-profit entities, we can ensure regulatory compliance for your organization. Our firm is well-versed in the standard and practices established by the US General Accounting Office for independent auditing of non-for-profit organizations.